View and Download Akai S Series operator’s manual online. S Series Recording Equipment pdf manual download. View and Download Akai S manual online. S Recording Equipment pdf manual download. Last weekend I bought an incredibly cheap (15 Euros) Akai S sampler at a flea-market. Unfortunately it does not turn on, as it keeps.

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In this way the sampler is effectively providing the programmable memories for the interface. I usually opt for renaming the sample. Page 12 Introduction As the colours of the wires in the flex may not correspond to the colour markings in your plug, make sure that wires are connect in the following way.

All of the above is done janual a Keygroup, and an S program can contain any number of keygroups mapped across the manusl in any number of ways.

Page 46 Sampler functions Editing samples This is where things really start to get interesting. Page 82 NOTE Though digital tape streaming offers many advantages in terms of speed, convenience, and price of media, Amai does not guarantee the integrity of data backed up mahual this way. But these days a company can’t be seen to be resting on its laurels for too long, especially where sampling is concerned. These are “type of load: Searchable archive of old, out-of-print music production magazines.

Fortunately the S allows you to “park” the heads safely away from the disk area. The S has options when loading to load all samples, programs, OS, etc. Sampler functions is the same as the ED.

Akai S1000 Manual

My guess is something being loaded from the S cd is changing a parameter on the FX card causing it to malfunction. AUTO the default sets everything so that you only hear the incoming mamual when you are in Manhal and the meter is switched on; ON passes the incoming signal through the S all the time, regardless of what mode you are in; and OFF, understandably, does not allow the incoming signal to pass through the S at all.


While this approach certainly proved to be useful, it is nanual the manual admits by no means infallible. The reverb sounds too good: Carrying on the tradition of the S, the major difference between the stalwart S and the newer S is, of course, the fact that the S is a true bit, stereo machine with CD quality sampling.


There are three means of triggering the sampling process: It’s a system which makes for operational simplicity and clarity, and overall Akai must be congratulated on this aspect of the S Previous Article in this issue Alternative Instruments. This is my favorite sampler because it has very good, bright, clear sound and very nice 18db filter.

Display ist noch sehr gut und hell. Of course you can use the stereo outs as two more individual outputs, bringing the total up to ten. Some samplers make sampling the proverbial pain in the posterior – others make life a lot simpler, the S being no exception. Hold is a special case, in that voices for Programs wth this priority can only be stolen for new notes required by the same Program.

To create your own sample you can do one of two things – you can either create a new sample by pressing the NAME button, typing in a new name and z1000 the pulse sample assuming that you don’t actually want to keep the pulse sample or you can enter the new sample name and make a copy of the pulse waveform which, of course, you can delete later along with the other synth waves.

  DIN 19234 PDF

Has been tested and works fine.

Making the Most of your Akai S Sampler (SOS May 89)

Introduction As the colours of the wires in the flex may not correspond to the colour markings in your plug, make sure that wires are connect in the following way.

July 30, Reply. Sampler – bit linear sampling Disk drive works well, I will include a disk of samples with this sampler. The sample quality is excellent, living up to the skai of true bit sampling. These durations can be specified to millisecond akaai, which doesn’t make life as easy as being able to specify a repeat number for each loop, but does offer more possibilities if you’re patient enough.

Akai S1000 Series Operator’s Manual

Akai haven’t stinted on the S’s looping facilities. You can specify up to 99 Keygroups per Program, each with its own keyspan. In this situation samples need some headroom. Picture is of actual item for sale. This is a process which attempts to “smooth out” the jump from loop end to loop start by fading out a certain number of samples before the loop end while fading in the same number of samples at the loop start you can set this figure yourself.

However, if you put these too high, you may get a distorted sound, so use these with care.

s100 Page 37 Sampler functions of this program is the next setting. Sample splicing allows you to take any portions of two samples and link them together to form a new, third sample.