Your positive review means a lot to us. Kindly Rate our app. In Jainism Bhaktamar stotra is Extraordinary and most power Mantra that every Jain apply in his life. Bhaktamar Stotra is one of the famous Jain sanskrit prayers. It is said to be composed by Manatunga. The name Bhaktamara comes from a combination of two. Product description. Bhaktamara Stotra is the most famous of the Jain prayers. It was composed by Acharya Manatunga. Bhaktamar stotra is gem of devotional.

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I bow to you. Prodyad divakara nirantara bhuri samkhya diptya jayatyapi nishamapi somasaumyam. Your glory is greater than that of the sun. Lord of the universe its decoration sanskrot grandeur There is none else here to match your splendour Because ingredients of your attributes of non attachment Were the only ones in the world without replacement. Vibhrajate tava mukhabjamanalpakanti vidyotayajjagadapurvashashanka bimbam.

The infinite and eternal knowledge that you have, is not possessed by any other deity in this world. Prityatma viryam avicharya mrigi mrigendram nabhyeti kim nijashishoh paripalanartham. He snaskrit identified by some scholars as Kshapanaka, one of the Navaratnas in the court of legendary Vikramaditya. Kundavadata chalachamara charushobhama vibharajate tava vapuh kaladhautakantam.

All the fourteen syllables of this meter are equally divided between short and long syllables i. Mattadvipendra – mrigaraja – davanalahi sangrama – varidhi – mahodara-bandhanottham tasyashu nashamupayati bhayam bhiyeva, yastavakam stavamimam matimanadhite.


Infinite stars and planets can be seen in all directions but the sun rises only in the East. With great devotion, I have made up this string of your stltra. My desire to praise Thee is insolence Using various expressions sheer ignorance No wise man would catch the reflection Of moon in water, a childish action. Bhaktamar verses have been recited as a stotra prayerand sung as a stavan hymnsomewhat interchangeably. Kim sharvarishu shashinanhi vivasvata va yushman mukhendu daliteshu tamassu natha!

Bhaktamara Stotra

Akranta lokamalinilamasheshamashu suryamshu bhinnamiva sharvara mandhakaram. The vices stotraa appeared in other beings. Of course, is the great Mandara mountain shaken by the tremendous gale of the doomsday, that moves common hillocks?

Views Read Edit View history. The devotee who always wears it in the neck memorises and chants attracts the goddess Lakshmi. O eradicator of the bhaktamaf cycle of rebirths! They are always and everywhere fearless as the silence of their deep meditation placates even the most brutal of the beings. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. How can your scintillating face, that pleases the eyes of gods, angels, humans and other beings alike, be compared with the spotted moon that is dull and pale, during the day, as the Palasa leaves.

Tejah sfuran manishu yati yatha mahattvam naivam tu kachashakale kiranakuleapi. O monk of monks! Shameless I am, O God, as a foolish child takes up an inconceivable task of grabbing the disc of the sznskrit reflected in water, out of impertinence alone, I am trying to eulogize a great soul like you. Kim vikshitena bhavata bhuviyena nanyah kashchinmano harati natha!


Jain texts Jain mantras Devotion songs.

Buddhya vinaapi vibudharchita padapitha stotum samudyata matirvigata trapoaham. Even the greatest of storm that does not effect it. Tubhyam namastrijagatah parameshvaraya Tubhyam namo jina!

Accumulated sins of births disappear The prayer removes their traces No traces of any darkness appear When sun’s rays the night faces. Stotrz limitless of passionless attributes Even Brahaspati is unable to pay tributes Which creature can swim the ocean Disturbed by Dooms day violent motion.

Valgatturanga gajagarjita – bhimanada-majau balam balavatamapi bhupatinam!

Bhaktamar Stotra

I bow to thee. Thine attributes all three worlds transcend Like full moon rays filling earth’s atmosphere Because for their source on Thee depend Lord of Lords of all the worlds sphere. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Yet, my devotion for you forces me to sing hymns in your praise, just as the cuckoo is compelled to produce its melodious coo when the mango trees blossom.

It is not surprising that all the virtues have been packed into you, leaving no place for vices. Ethics Bhaktamqr of Jainism Sallekhana.