Aereo Acrobatico Extra in Depron Nuovo Kit di Montaggio Aeromodello Nuovo AEROMODELLO AVIA FL3 – SCALA DISEGNI COSTRUTTIVI E. 3view acrobatico aerei aeromodelli aeromodellismo ali aliante ali in polistirolo cnc combat decorazioni depron disegni Eachine eachine racer elettrico fiesta. mixed with microballons, since it’s lightweight, cures quickly, and perhaps best of all, is pure white to match the color of the Depron perfectly.

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Sep 11, Attrezzatura che utilizzo per la realizzazione dei video: If you’ve built any of my pusher-prop park jet designs before, you won’t see anything new here. At 20 oz AUW, this motor provides depton per lb, 1.

nonjapinny blog

Thanks for sharing the plans, its a very nice plane. Tape is used to hold the curved piece in place.

I never got around to replacing it. Images View all Images disegin thread Views: It has a wingspan of 69mm and flew for 6 minutes 56 seconds. Build Log Polaris Seaplane Parkflyer Here’s my latest design to share with dieegni forum, a foam parkflyer adaptation of Laddie Mikulasko’s beautiful Northstar seaplane. Since the elevator is directly in the prop blast there’s plenty of control power to correct, but if you just advance the throttle smoothly you won’t even have to worry about it.


It handles wind and waves remarkably well, too.

Polaris Seaplane Parkflyer – RC Groups

Here you can dpron the motor wires coming up out of the channel to reach the motor. Return to Foamies Scratchbuilt. Construction Details Here are some photos showing the construction details for this model. The only time I’ve noticed a pitch trim change with throttle is during VERY slow high alpha flying, where going to full throttle quickly will pitch the nose down.

Plans for this model are posted below aerej the usual tiled and untiled formats. Rusty-Gunn My plans are in my blog. This model features all internal servos and linkages to make it as watertight as possible. This keeps the model very light, quick to build, and also makes it easy to repair.

I used a heat gun to gently pre-form the curve.

Last edited by jetset44; Sep 07, at Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Revised plans and construction photos showing a new nacelle design option are posted in post link below: Plus the packing tape is strategically placed in areas that need to be strengthened anyway for a seaplane—the bottom of the fuselage and the leading edges of the wings and tail.


Ricorda di passare dalle mie pagine social: This provides a light and strong structure with a built-in channel for the wiring. Builder is Dennis Castleman.

Grayson 30 amp Receiver: I hope others enjoy this model as disegji as I have. I like the looks of this plane very much. You can also see the elevator servo snuggled into the top.

It’s well-mannered, smooth and stable at all speeds and aerobatics are a breeze, but to me one of the best things about this model is the amazing speed range—top speed is in excess of 70 mph, yet the model slows down well and can plop down into the water at high alpha under full control at less than 10 mph. Images View all Images in thread. Il mio fantastico Sukhoi Su Steve, congrats on another beauty.