Items 1 – 50 of In an effort to provide an easy way to introduce and implement a high-psionics campaign, Dreamscarred Press is proud to announce the first. The latest Tweets from Dreamscarred Press (@dreamscarred). Publisher of rules supplements for Pathfinder, Starfinder, and Prosper, TX. Dreamscarred Press makes a wide variety of classes using different subsystems of rules, which are detailed below. Akashic Magic. Akasha is an ancient form of.

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Three new artifacts, including the Chessboard of the Astral Army, the Incinerator Cannon, and the Liar’s Quill The new forgelord prestige class, who uses his expertise in magical item creation pess bring forth the full potential of magical items The rules for Legendary Items and the Legendary Items from Ultimate Psionics for those who do not already have that book.

What’s In It

Voyager requires the use of Ultimate Psionics. Altovilla and Patrick C. At its basic roots, the Path of War allows for martially-inclined characters to harness new abilities to aid them in combat.

Each PDF supplement we’ll release will initially be planned for 8 to 12 pages. Long before wizards began unraveling the secrets of the cosmos and codifying them into arcane formulae, and even before dragons, demons and other beings of magic began mingling their blood with lesser species, wise mystics and abstruse visionaries bound the raw magical essence known as akasha into crude physical forms and bent its might to their enigmatic purposes.


Dreamscarred Press

Written by Anthony S. To date, we have released multiple products thanks to Patreon funding, including: You may be wondering what is the difference dreamacarred the standard full-color hardcover book and the premium full-color hardcover book.

The full moon rises to the hungry greeting of howling wolves. Voyager requires the use of Ultimate Psionics. But they’re geared toward spellcasters.

Dreamscarred Press is creating Roleplaying Games | Patreon

Akasha is a somewhat simplistic form of magic, generated by mixing life energy, called essence, with the small amounts of arcane magic that suffuse all things and shaping them into rough physical forms. This release of Psionics Augmented includes the following brand-new options: Reward no longer available 1 backer. Ruling Three From the Deep 3: Viverror December 30, nwright Divine Archetypes: Mythic Psionics Psionics Augmented: Mythic Psionics Psionics Augmented: Occult – a psionic counterpart to Occult Adventures.

At this level, we will add more psionic monsters and options to the Psionic Bestiary.

Psionics Guide for Starfinder RPG from Dreamscarred Press by Jeremy Smith — Kickstarter

Sell in the Open Gaming Store! If we exceed that, we’re planning on expanding the book and adding some additional psionic content. We have largely done this by reinvesting profits from sales into new releases or to test out new projects, such as our From the Deep adventure path.


What we need funds for is artwork and printing costs. Psionic Tattoos – the psionic tattoo evokes dreamscwrred possibility for a character covered in designs that improve or grant him abilities. We will add a psionic creature book to the project! But what if the adventurers are themselves werewolves? You get to have your character on the cover of the book.

If we get higher funding, we’ll expand the size of the release. Estimated delivery Nov Premium prints are done using more traditional offset printing processes, which are more expensive when done at smaller runs because of the setup cost.

Estimated delivery Dec The new voyager base class, prezs psionic manifester with 6th level powers focused on movement Two new voyager archetypes – the crossfire and metronome. Depending on interest and playtest, this could easily turn into a series of releases that get combined into a full print book.

Ruling Three From the Deep 3: With Steelforge, Dreamscarred Press brings a new arsenal of useful tools and wondrous treasures, to add greater variety to prses choices of items as a player and to your campaign world as a GM.