Earth berming is the practice of building a wall of earth around the outside of the home. The berm is about three or four feet tall and covers all but the south side. In these economically challenging times more people are searching for home designs that are stylish, affordable and remain energy efficient. Earth Berming, or . Earth berming. Martin Elkjar; 5 videos; 32 views; Last updated on Mar 3, Play all. Share. Loading Save.

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It is very difficult to locate and repair leaks in the waterproofing system after the building is completed.

The expression earth-sheltering is a generic term, with the general meaning: By making use of the wind, natural ventilation can occur without the use of fans or other active systems. Retrieved from ” https: The PSP method uses wooden posts, plastic sheeting and non-conventional ideas that allow more windows and ventilation. In a relatively short period of time the earth layers grow together leaving the structure with an appearance of a hill with a door.

The earth house is a flexible construction which can be built according to the wishes of its owners, fulfilling the requirements for individuality and energy conservation.

If the walls, floor, and roof are all to be poured in place, it is possible to make them with a single pour. The infiltration of air from outside is reduced. A drain pipe at the perimeter of the roof edge can help collect and remove additional water.

Problems of water seepage, internal condensationbad acoustics, and poor indoor air quality can occur if an earth shelter has not been eargh designed. However, the practice has been around for nearly as long as humans have been constructing their own shelters. Concrete is another material that is eafth in great quantity. Earth Berm Homes In these economically challenging times more people are searching for home designs earyh are stylish, affordable and remain energy efficient.

For bermed or in-hill construction, a common plan is to place all the living spaces on the side of the house facing the equator. Surprisingly, with proper design and forethought, earth-sheltered homes are just as light as traditional houses built entirely above ground. Atrium designs have an increased risk of flooding, so the surrounding land should slope away from the structure on all sides. An earth house also known as an earth berman earth sheltered homeor an eco-house is an architectural style characterized by the use of natural terrain to help form the walls of a house.


These methods rely on bering U factor or thermal heat storage capacity of the earth itself below the frost layer. Common construction employs large amounts of steel reinforced concrete acting as structural support and building shell. As basic as this method sounds, the flexibility of the construction materials leads to the possibility of creating a completely individual dwelling.

It is among a beerming of liquid paint-on waterproofing products.

Earth Berm Homes – Designs for Green Living

They can also be built as terraced structures if the slope is beeming, thus using far less land area, because the structure can be built right up to the property boundary. March Learn how and when to remove this template message.

They cannot be torn away or tipped over by strong winds. After everything is complete, the earth is backfilled into the remaining space at the exterior of the wall and sometimes over the roof to accommodate a green roof.

How we built our own earthship: The Earth’s mass absorbs and retains heat.

An interceptor drainage swale in the middle of the berm is also helpful or the back of the berm can be terraced with retaining walls. Earth Berming This technique is used both for passive cooling as well as heating of buildings, a feat which is made possible by the earth acting as a massive heat sink.

The important part of earth sheltering or earth berming is that you employ a professional who knows how to do it properly. Forest sprouting at stadium. The excavation of a site is also drastically time- and labor-consuming. The second type of insulation is a spray on foam.

Epoxies are very brittle so they are paired up with an overcoat of a high-build flexible water-based acrylic membrane in multiple coats of different colors to ensure film coverage—this is reinforced with non-woven polypropylene textile in corners and changes in direction. The unique architecture of earth houses protects them against severe windstorms. Furthermore, the earth walls protect against cold winter winds which might otherwise penetrate these gaps. This may be alleviated by strategic use of skylights, solar tubesor artificial light sources.


In the Northern Hemisphere, a south facing structure with the north, east, and west sides covered with earth is the most effective application for passive solar systems. Two to three inches glued to the outside of the waterproofing is generally sufficient.

This plan has the highest energy efficiency of earth sheltered homes because of the compact configuration as well as the structure being submerged deeper in the earth. Also, during the summer months, providing an overhang, or some sort of shading device, is used to block out an excess solar gain. The unique architecture cools the house down in summer and keeps it warm in winter.

Thus, the underground or partially sunk buildings would provide both cooling in the summer and heating in the winter to the living space. One unusual feature of many passive solar homes is that they are partially buried. In these early structures, the heavy timber framing acted as structural support and added comfort and warmth to the interior. Untreated wood rots within five years of use in earth shelter construction. These designs are the exception however and risk frost heave damage in colder climates.

EPDM is the material usually used in a water garden, pond and swimming pool construction. This page was last edited on 9 Novemberat If the insulation chosen is porous, a top layer of waterproofing is added.

Earth house

This temperature at a depth of a few meters remains almost stable throughout the year. This is the exception to the rule and cold temperatures may extend down into the earth above the frost line making insulation necessary for higher efficiencies. The obvious advantages of earth berm homes are the money saving and energy savings aspects. One of the main ecological benefits of earth-house architecture lies in its natural insulation.