The Ecotechnic Future has ratings and 28 reviews. Ted said: A hard book for me to review, so I’m going to put it off for awhile. The book is just ful. Get the The Ecotechnic Future at Microsoft Store and compare products with the latest customer reviews and ratings. Download or ship for free. Free returns. The industrial age made possible by fossil fuels will surely decline as these fuels run out. In The Ecotechnic Future John Michael Greer alerts the listener to.

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It will, however, offer myriad opportunities to create a society that bolsters complex technology which at the same time maintains a sustainable interaction with the ecosystem.

Poor writing style made this a challenge to read.

The Ecotechnic Future

Some will surely fail maybe even his own! Of course, at the cost of a more restricted access to goods and services when compared to the globalized supply chains of today. A hard book for me to review, so I’m going to put it off for awhile. Jan 13, Claudia rated it it was amazing. Absolutely worth every minute 3 of 3 people found this review helpful. But Greer regards efforts to establish an ecotechnic society right in the here and now as misguided. In The Ecotechnic FutureGreer appropriates terminology from a variety of disciplines, including ecology, fugure, evolutionary biology, the history of ideas and the s appropriate technology movement.

Don’t like your audiobook? A long stroll through a bunch of disconnected thoughts. The absurdity of this vision is quickly revealed by examining the logic of authors and visionaries pushing this ideal, they’ve completely failed to futuee energy inputs and the failure of past civilizations. He brings together in this book a broad ranging knowledge of history, philosophy and human behavior.


The future Greer predicts is not futurre ‘next year’ or ‘next decade’ view however. Sober, I think, is the word to describe it. Swap it for free.

The Ecotechnic Future Audiobook | John Michael Greer |

Cancel anytime and keep your audiobooks. Hence, there is no known model for society, in current existence, that we know will survive in the post-peak world.

Greer delivers to readers an ancient system of divination in an easy-to-use form requiring little more than a pen and a piece of paper.

Conversely, ectoechnic for which there is socially agreed upon outline of a solution cannot be planned for we call these problems “wicked”.

Great wake up call from a lot of modes of thinking that turn out to be very old after all. America, says Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Chris Hedges, is convulsed by an array of pathologies that have arisen out of profound hopelessness, a bitter despair and a civil society that has ceased to function.

The investments required for a beefed up and smarter grid to distribute CSP-generated electricity are relatively speaking quite manageable.

Apr 24, Michael rated it did not like it Shelves: Although Greer must understand this, he just omits it from his illustration of what our transition will look like. He doesn’t argue much for the reality of peak oil, it is assumed – the subtitl A hard book for me to review, so I’m going to put it off for awhile.

Most of them were pretty interesting but overall I much preferred his writing in The Long Descent. Our world is in trouble – right now. Ratings and reviews No one’s rated or reviewed this product yet.

The Ecotechnic Future: Envisioning a Post-Peak World by John Michael Greer

This is the first time I’ve come across the idea of applying the ecological theory of succession, including the concepts of R-adaptation and K-adaptation, to human societies Absolutely worth every minute.


How could the performance have been better? He argues against almost every peak oil thought out there until he ends up contradicting himself.

Not to be missed.

John Michael Greer “The Ecotechnic Future”

Countdown Our last, best hope for a future on earth? The Ecotechnic Future is refreshingly not a book which will neatly lay out the reasons for the possible demise of industrial civilization, this has been done many times before, and by Greer himself in The Long Descent.

Apr 02, Lee rated it really liked it Shelves: It’ll be harder for all of us, and that is sad, but it is what it is. The Farewell Tour By: And he wields uncommon writing skills, making his diagnosis and prescription entertaining, illuminating, and practically informative. This is a powerful insight, one that views our many mistakes in the supply chain infrastructure not as immoral as many environmental groups would have you think but failed attempts at obtaining a future ecotechnic society.

He reasons that the greater the number of possibilities being investigated at any one time, the more likely someone is to stumble upon something that works.

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This book relentlessly points out ecltechnic joint psychological and political shortcomings when it comes to planning for the future of our species, but does so thoughtfully, avoiding the “doom is at our door” style that makes most ecological screeds so depressing. I don’t think Greer really supported his initial concept.