Unwrap a complete list of books by Zecharia Sitchin and find books available for swap. Fim Dos Tempos [Em Portuguese do Brasil] (Paperback). O 12 Planeta. and dead languages, ​​Zecharia Sitchin have resurrected his myth, every . Apocalipse as Provas Científicas Sobre o Fim da Nossa. Creia-me, foi uma época feliz, antes dos tempos dos arquitetos, antes do tempo O escritor e estudioso da Suméria Zecharia Sitchin acredita, do mesmo modo , .. No fim, a tese de Ivimy é bastante controvertida: ele acredita que Brigham.

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Therefore, because of this science that exists in the shadow of the Top Secret files, are not the ecological abuses well known or threats of war that are announced that threaten humanity.

Leroy Ellenberger,[28] “[Sitchin states that] from an equal start, the Nefilim evolved on Nibiru 45 million years ahead of comparable development on Earth with its decidedly more favorable environment. The visible from the invisible However – there is a second hypothesis. Retrieved 29 October According to Sitchin, Nibiru called “the twelfth planet” because, Sitchin claimed, the Sumerians’ gods-given conception of the Solar System counted all eight planets, plus Pluto, the Sun and the Moon was the home of a technologically advanced human-like extraterrestrial race called the Anunnaki in Sumerian myth, who Sitchin states are called the Nephilim in Genesis.

The Northern Europe will change in the blink of an eye.

Books by Zecharia Sitchin (Author of The 12th Planet)

Later researchers have argued that the conclusion from the Human Genome Sequencing Consortium cannot be drawn due to a lack of a comprehensive gene database for vim. Sitchin’s books have sold millions of copies worldwide and have been translated into more than 25 languages. Zecharia Sitchin on the Anunnaki. Therefore, it is not absurd to suppose that a cosmic event is the catalyst of these devastating phenomena.

The 7th and Concluding Book. He received a degree in economics from the University of London, and was an editor and journalist in Israel, before moving to New York in Zecharia Sitchin on the Anunnaki As detailed in my books, beginning with The 12th Planet and even more so in Genesis Revisited and The Cosmic Code, the Anunnaki came to Earth someyears ago xos the planet Nibiru — a member of our own solar system whose great orbit brings it to our part of the heavens once every 3, years.



The witchcrafts are turning against the wizards. He believed this hypothetical planet of Nibiru to be in an elongated, elliptical orbit in the Earth’s own Solar System, asserting that Sumerian mythology reflects this view.

According to former Immanuel Velikovsky assistant turned prolific critic,[28] C. Heiser, the so-called sun on Seal VA is not the Sumerian symbol for the sun but is a star, and the dots are also stars. The lamentations will be useless. It is more ancient even that the Rig Veda and of the Zend Avesta The hunters of blame, the conspiracists who advocate the existence of a conspiracy, engineered by a elite leaders of evil, to end with two-thirds of the human racethose who postulate the excesses of science misused by a cruel strategy political-economic as responsible for the “end of the world”, these – that don’t conform themselves with a inevitable possible reality, they only can to protest to the Supreme Creator of All Things, God.

Sitchin attributes the creation of the ancient Sumerian culture to the Anunnaki, which he states was a race of extra-terrestrials from a planet beyond Neptune called Nibiru. The cult of alien gods: Myths of Primitive America.

Books by Zecharia Sitchin

The Myth of a Sumerian 12th Planet: Other authors refer to the same episode documented in records of antiquity: Currently, there is no need or convenience – really – of frighten the political enemy with a threat of war. The 12th Planet, New York: Each of them had collapsed because of cataclysm during which mankind perished. According to the anthropologist Raphael Girad, fom documentation [the Popol Vuh] is the earliest register of humanity.


But its truth, the truth of its existence and what it represents remains uncertain of something of obscure. And this technology, which is a reality there, at least, a century also has a name, little known and mentioned even in textbooks common: Popularity Since the release of his first book The 12th Planet innow in its 45th printing, Zecharia Sitchin has written seven other books as part of his Earth Chronicles series, as well as six other companion books, all of which are still in print as of This collision supposedly formed the planet Tempoa, the asteroid belt, and the comets.

Zecharia Sitchin on the Anunnaki –

Sitchin wrote that these ancient civilizations knew of a twelfth planet, when in fact they only knew five. The psychic and paranormal American Edgar Caycereportedly under the inspiration of an archangel, Halaliel – predicted a pole shift and global warming.

Lateral Transfer or Gene Loss? The great Globe Destroyer, the electromagnetic fury of the Sun – or both, together, these two potential nightmares that threaten the existence of mankind, these two possible “agents of the End of the World”, even it’s be scary, this can not be considered “man’s work”. But as this “backfire” is also predictable; since it is not only possible but highly probable, the sorcerers, seek protect themselves against their own actions, preparing to escape and hiding, because they want to survive as long as the rest of the world dies in the midst of the most terrible convulsions.

Translations and interpretations When Sitchin wrote his books, only specialists could read the Sumerian language.

Zecharia Sitchin on Mars January-February