The Garuda Purana, by Ernest Wood and S.V. Subrahmanyam, [], full text etext at PUNISHMENTS ACCCORDING TO GARUDA ment given in Naraka Thamisra Andhathamisra Rourava Maharourava Kumbipaka Kalasuthira . Garud Purana is the text based on the conversation of Lord Vishnu (Shree Hari) and his vahan Garud. Garud ask lord about the punishment for bad deed.

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Thus all the while they remain discomfortable in heaven. Committing suicide is not recommended in Garuda Purana.


A Jiva in the embryo is put to great suffering. Suicide is considered to be highest of all sins as per the Srimad Bhagvatam. Garuda Purana, the sacred manuscript of Hindu religion briefs about the life after death of humans.

Those who seize upon the fault and depreciate the merit, who are jealous of those who have merit, who are attached to the wicked, who are foolish, who turn away from the company of the good.

The Garuda Purana: Chapter VI. An Account of the Kinds of Sins which lead to Hell

Rulers who neglect their duties and oppress their subjects by misrule, are putana in this hell. There are many beasts here. Those who obstruct roads with posts, with mounds, with timber, with stones or with thorns,–these certainly go to hell. Stories you may want to read.

Hinduism Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled. Once their bodies are completely eaten up, the sinners are provided with new bodies, which are also eaten up in the above manner. Here oil is kept boiled in huge vessels and sinners are plunged in this vessels.


Brutal punishments which have been listed and mentioned in the Garuda Purana are so barbarous and roughshod that no reader of the Purana would wish to get punished with those penalties of their dnglish after death. Religious preachings in most of the religions claim that sinners are being punished after death by the almighty.

28 Deadly Punishments Mentioned in Garuda Puran Which Are Likely to be Held after Death

puniwhments They are again restored to life and the punishment is repeated till the end of their time. These, and many others, very sinful, devoid of righteousness, certainly go on the Way of Yama, weeping day and night. The Garuda Puran is one of the Vishnu Puranas. Here they are impaled on a trident and they are forced to spend their whole term of their punishment englixh that position, suffering intense hunger and thirst, as well as enduring all the tortures inflicted on them.

When they recover, it is repeated until their time is up. According to this book, the concept of heaven and hell are not quite the same as what we imagine them to be in englisn culture today. One should always protect self which is the receptacle of virtue. Who cut down and destroy big trees, gardens and forests; who neglect vows and pilgrimages, who destroy the chastity of widows.

The ritual entails making a fake body of herbs and grass and cremation garyda that, sort of using it as a container so that the preta that gaaruda stuck in this world is able to ascend to the next world. Being tortured thus, men and women by thousands are baked in dreadful hells until the coming of the deluge. A Line That Inspires You. Add to Spiritual Diary.


That wretched twice-born is not worthy of salutation at any time; those fools who worship him certainly go to hell. This is hell for those who oppress the good people and not helping them if requested despite having the resources.

There are hurled from a great height and they are utterly smashed into dust when they reached the ground. Numerology predictions for Stories You May be Interested in.

In heaven or hell he reaps the fruits of his activities. Those who consume alcohol and other intoxicating drinks are sent here. Garuda Purana in one of its many chapters defines the nature of punishment that is prescribed for sinners of the extreme kind that inhabit middle earth. Here, they are made to embrace iron images full of sharp diamond needles that pierce through their bodies.

The ghosts perpetrate all these things. It is essentially a dialogue between Lord Vishnu and Garuda a kind of bird. O bird, there is no pleasure whatsoever in this world abounding in a multitude of sorrows. This Naraka is for punishmeents who are guilty for false witness and false swearing.