Fine Tuning Your Radial Arm Saw is considered the definitive authority on using radial arm saws to th of an inch precision and dead square. The entire book. Just about everybody who restores DeWalts has read Wally’s book and also a later work by Jon. Eakes on fine tuning a radial arm saw. Both books are excellent. The print edition sold out at LeeValley tools but an electronic edition is still available from Jon Eakes’ web site: saws.

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The column must move up and down smoothly and firmly in the base casting.

Radial Arm Saws

So rsdial of the precise tool adjustments the author discusses don’t apply to my machine. It would be cheaper to get the PDF and print it.

I get a great deal of satisfaction hearing that this book has helped woodworkers and continues to do so since when it was first published in Whether a drill press or a table saw, we are used to a lot of trial and error.

Way back ravialto be precisemy 14″ radial arm saw was new and clean. Hi Neil, Most people only used radial arm saws as a cut-off saw and when the sliding miter boxes came out with their extended reach, they filled that need easier and cheaper. I seat the pin into the column and before clamping it tight I shove the arm to the right until it comes to arn full stop against the radiial pin. What counts is that it produces straight square boards and this is always the final test of alignment.

Unfortunately there is no precision guide for ripping so the final check uon a rip setting is to actually cut a piece of wood and verify the results before putting the real work piece to the blade.

Radial Arm Saws

You must take up the slack right to its end point to maintain precision. Newer Post Older Post Home.


What the book does is get your saw accurate enough that they will actually cut radiap angles. What you want is flat with straight edges.

Fine Tuning Your Radial Arm Saw – Jon Eakes – Google Books

The fence on a radial arm saw is usually a sorry looking chopped up mess, often hiding down below the wood to be cut. Since when this book was first published by Lee Valley Tools, it has been recognized as the bible for setting up and using radial arm saws in a precision fashion. Secondly, the end product is really what counts so I don’t care if something may look out of line on the machine as long as the results of the blade passing through wood gives me the perfection I demand.

Please sign your name so we know who to give credit to. This book has to be one of the best books ever written, concerning any type of shop woodworking equipment I often have trouble recommending one brand name over others where there are a lot of good choices on the shelves.

Hand planes as well as power planers hold their blades by friction. Eakew then uon came cyber space and the potential for web publishing or at least electronic distribution of books.

When the roller wheels are adjusted loosely on the overhead track, the entire motor assembly has a tendency to lift up wrm a cut, but because of the offset blade it does not lift straight up nor does it necessarily stay up.

So the most important question you have is: Almost all adjustments on woodworking machines hold their positions by means of friction clamps; two surfaces that bind together relatively solidly by pressure alone. The radial arm saw has to be one of my favorite of all shop woodworking job.

You can’t beat the radial arm saw for precision dado’s and crosscuts The new table is flat, the column adjustment is smooth, and roller head tracks are clean. Grime, dust and rough surfaces make consistent contact equally as impossible. If temporary tables or fence additions are added, the actual angle of cut in the wood should be verified before trying to produce accurate results, since the precision of your machine may have been compromised by inaccuracies in your temporary additions or their installation.

  ASTM D4228 PDF

Hi Jon I need some help to do crown moulding against the fence and laying down does your book raial how to do this.

We want firm and smooth. I used to enjoy mon hilarious results when I would cut off the end of a 4×6 by rotating and never get a square end. On my saw, it’s accomplished by loosening several locking nuts and set screws, and then adjusting the two big bolts on the back of the column. Fine Tuning Your Radial Arm Saw is considered the definitive authority on using radial arm saws to th of an inch precision and dead square. My radial and I work with six principles of precision.

Fine Tuning Your Radial Arm Saw

That is not to say that it should bind, but a loose roller head is the major cause of the “running forward” feeling with most radials. A hand plane with a thin blade digs in and out of the wood grain. Rqdial table was flat as as could be, and life was good.

Few people ever learned to use a radial arm saw in a precise manner — so they blamed the saw — thinking that the table saw was jo to use. Anyone who has worked a few days with raddial radial-arm saw knows that the manufacturers’ manuals do not show you how to get the machine to work as precisely as needed for good woodworking.

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