Lepra tuberculoide. Rios González, Carlos Miguel Cátedra de Dermatología. Facultad de Ciencias Médicas. Universidad Nacional de Caaguazú. Paraguay. El 65,4 % de los casos índices fueron hombres y 22 (84,6 %) lepromatosos; dos tenían lepra indeterminada y dos tuberculoide. Los casos secundarios fueron. La lepra o malaltia de Hansen és una malaltia infectocontagiosa però difícilment . que estaran engruixits i es podran palpar, sobretot a la lepra tuberculoide.

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The lepromin reaction and histology indicate that these patients show a cell-mediated immune response, or delayed hypersensitivity, as occurs in tuberculosis. Patients with lepromatous leprosy are highly infectious, although most exposed immunocompetent individuals do not contract the disease.

Despite these problems the tendency of the disease to preserve the main viscera means that life expectancy is barely reduced. High oral prevalence of Candida krusei in leprosy patients in Northern Thailand.

Under these circumstances the clinical form begins to acquire certain lepromatous characteristics, with aspects of BL, the intermediate form or, more tkberculoide, BT. He was a carrier of the hepatitis C virus HCV.

Dermatology Online Journal

Andersen JG, Manchester K. Diet to include carbohydrate tuberciloide and dietary supplements. Although the trunk may be affected, few lesions are generally observed in this region 1.

The time between leprosy being detected yuberculoide index cases and the disease being detected in secondary patients varied from 5 to 40 years. Hence the leprous bacilli may form large clusters in the nerve sheath, and in some patients this may at first lead to hyperaesthesia.

The deep infections lead to perforation of the septum, and their spreading to the surface of the hard palate may cause periostitis that is visible on X-rays. Leprra incubation period of the disease may last up to six years. This presented an obstacle in terms of following an adequate dental treatment.


The resulting nodules may become ulcerated. The differential diagnosis includes systemic lupus erythematosus, sarcoidosis, cutaneous leishmaniasis and other skin diseases, tertiary syphilis, cicatricial pemphigoid, lethal midline granuloma, lymphomas, systemic mycosis, traumatic lesions and malignant neoplasias, as well as peripheral nerve pathology such as syringomyelia, among other disorders 2,6.

En los pies, 16 pacientes lepromatosos presentaron discapacidad grado I y 5 tuvieron discapacidad grado II, tres lepromatosos y 2 tuberculoides. Leprous patients with a positive Mitsuda reaction usually present a histological tissue thberculoide similar to that found in tuberculosis, and hence the name give to this pepra form is tuberculoid leprosy.

Hence it affects the skin, peripheral nerves, the mucosa of the upper airways and other tissues such as bone and some viscera Tuberculoidd studies on the viability tuberculodie Mycobacterium leprae outside the human body. Treatment is difficult as it tiberculoide be continued for long periods, requires several drugs with adverse effects and proves very expensive, particularly for less developed countries. Hansen disease remains a public health problem in tropical areas and, although rare, still described in Western countries reason why should still be considered as a diagnostic possibility in the investigation of peripheral lrpra.

La baja patogenicidad de M. Lepromatous rhinitis may spread to the maxilla and be complicated by secondary pyogenic infections. Lepromatous leprosy usually begins in the form of chronic rhinitis. As these bacteria multiply more in cooler areas the pattern of infection is usually focussed on the skin, superficial cutaneous structures especially peripheral nervesthe eyes and the testicles.

ReadCube Visualizar o texto. Cambridge University Press; Although the position of a given patient on this spectrum is relatively stable tubegculoide immune response which characterises tuberculoid leprosy may deteriorate in untreated patients, especially in those who suffer malnutrition or other infections He had spontaneous mobility of the extremities, where examination revealed the amputation of fingers and toes of the left foot, as well as the supracondylar amputation of the right lower extremity.


Local pyogenic infections, secondary to skin ulcers, complicate and exaggerate these alterations.

It is believed that these patients are much less contagious than those with lepromatous leprosy 1,6. Considering the proved facts already referred to, the A. Nevertheless, much remains to be known about the mechanism of interaction between the two diseases and further research is required.

They may take the form of multiple nodules lepromas that progress to necrosis and ulceration. The symptoms are often so non-specific that the disease is not suspected prior to the appearance of skin lesions. Desikan KV, Srivastava G. The circulating bacteria are so abundant that they can be detected in peripheral blood samples. At some undetermined tiberculoide the patient suffers an initial bacillaemia, which may be repeated through recurrent episodes or progress toward a tuberculoixe bacteraemia.

He also had problems swallowing and presented solid and liquid dysphagia.

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The phalanx and metacarpal or metatarsal bones are often affected, with marked shortening that may leave only a stump 1. Chromosome 6q25 is linked to susceptibility to leprosy in a Vietnamese population. Presence of retinopathy, nephropathy and dysautonomia.

El-orf, A, Stugh AM. The present case report describes a patient with lepromatous leprosy acquired within a contagious family setting during childhood and adolescence.

They were aged from 20 to The mean age at diagnosis was 52 years, and sensory symptoms predominate as neurological manifestation of disease.