LLVM Language Reference Manual. Abstract; Introduction. History of docs / @. The LLVM compiler infrastructure project is a “collection of modular and reusable compiler and .. For the full documentation, refer to ^ Stellard, Tom (March 26, ). “[LLVMdev] RFC: R, a new backend for.

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As such, it is not appropriate to have a phi or select of type token. An opaque structural type can also be used to forward declare a langrsf that is not yet available. If not present, or if the alignment is set to zero, the alignment of the function is set by the target to whatever it feels convenient.

The optional constant align argument specifies the alignment of the operation that is, the alignment of the memory address. Perform the extractvalue operation on constants. The metadata encoding as lists of lists of options, as opposed to a collapsed list of options, is chosen so that the IR encoding can use multiple option strings to specify e.

The following is a listing of the basic punctuation tokens: Atomic loads produce defined results when they may see multiple atomic stores. They are generally very efficient instructions and can commonly be strength reduced from other instructions. The source type must be smaller than the destination type. If the difference has unsigned overflow, the result returned langreff the mathematical labgref modulo 2 nwhere n is the bit width of the result.


Note that some system linkers might not correctly handle dropping a weak symbol that is aliased. If the inbounds keyword is present, the result value of the getelementptr is a poison value if the base pointer is not an in bounds address of an allocated object, or if any of the addresses that would be formed by successive addition of the offsets implied by the indices to the base address with infinitely precise signed arithmetic are not an in bounds address of that allocated object.


The alloca, or argument allocation, must also be tagged with the inalloca keyword. LLVM functionscalls and invokes can all have an optional calling convention specified for the call. It is recommended to use this lanngref in addition to any llvm. Frequently Asked Questionsllvm.

When constructing the data layout for a given target, LLVM starts with a default set lzngref specifications which are then possibly overridden by the specifications in the datalayout keyword. Structure constants must have structure typeand the number and types of elements must match those specified by the type.

The number of elements is a constant integer value; elementtype may be any type with a size.

It is generally used to pass structs and arrays by value, but is also valid on pointers to scalars. Each triplet has the following form:. The getelementptr instruction is often confusing.

TableGen has an include mechanism. This instruction is assumed to execute in the default floating-point environment. This value represents the inline assembler as a template string containing the instructions to emita list of operand constraints stored as a stringa flag that indicates whether or not the inline asm expression has side effects, and a flag indicating whether the function containing the asm needs to align its stack conservatively.


Views Read Edit View history. This article’s lead section does not adequately summarize key points of its contents. DIFwdDeclthen the member is uniqued based only on its name: If ty is a vector floating point type, ty2 must be a vector integer type with llmv same number of elements as ty.

Note that it is perfectly legal to index partially through a structure, returning a pointer to an inner element.

LLVM – Wikipedia

Poison Values have the same behavior as undef valueswith the additional affect that any instruction which has a dependence on a poison value has undefined behavior. For instance, take the example of a function annotated with a single i32. It is legal for this instruction to be called in a function which does not take a variable number of arguments, for example, the vfprintf function. This destination list is required so that dataflow analysis has an accurate understanding of the CFG.

The only exception is that entries with the Require behavior are always preserved. The number of elements is a constant integer value larger lamgref 0; elementtype may be any integer, floating-point or pointer type.

Metadata prefixed with llvm.