A new printing of Steven Youell’s lecture notes, originally from * The Card Trick That The Hacker Stack A new idea in memorized stack work. Powerful. is this still available from Steven Youell? For a while, the “Hacker Stack” was offered as a free download, but that offer has long since been. Originally Posted by Steven Youell I use Si Stebbins as a Called it the Hacker Stack and published around 15 years ago. So you shuffle into.

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Finally, I really want to apologize for creating this much anger and disgust in you. Recently I ordered his new QuickerStack, which will probably arrive here during the next days. Th please, stop taking jabs at me and my work–it’s only making you look bad. Have a great time at the party and please give Mr. But I pay careful attention to him because if he has a strong opinion about something, there is always a logical reason behind it.

I don’t know how much of Steven’s stuff has been made available at Lybrary. Shack 3, Previous Topic Next Topic. Originally Posted by Liam57 So you shuffle into the Si stebbins stack from new deck order, that must of took some stevfn It seems as though you are trying to portray it as a personal issue between you and one other individual, which is really not a good idea. So unfortunately I’ll have to correct your misconceptions.

You just glimpse, employ the incredibly simple system and you’ve got it.

My own experiences with Steven Youell lately have been pretty silly. It’s a social dysfunction and not conducive to open dialogue. Oh man, I thought the session was dead.


Ellusionst discussing the Arcane Playing cards: I thank him very much. Therefore your quoted statement is factually incorrect. Terrific job by Steven.

The most straightforward way to go about having a card selected in that situation is either a from a spread, or b letting them select their own card. It makes me sort of sick to see the name of one of the great card works put to use in such a manner. Juan Tamariz explains how to do that with his stack, in his book Mnemonica, and Steven Youell uses Darwin Ortiz’s method for his stack. Thank you Rudy for organizing this lecture and to Steven for sharing hackef great material including the displacement from the “Non Working Self Working Card Trick” and also the info on the Hacker Stack.

I hope the recording survived. I’m terrible at mental arithmetic.

Called it the Hacker Stack and published around 15 years ago. As to The Compendium– it was a complete failure and it was my fault. What is funny to me is that if you do a search on Youell this blog is one of the first things that pops up.

I know there are people who use it– just can’t think of a specific name. I figured it was you who reported that post, and that’s at the heart of your problem, Youell. I would much rather respect you as a senior magician. You report a post like that as “flaming” when it contains an apology, an attempt to explain my tone, and an attempt to get back on topic.

Take this, for instance. I wish you did. We can produce a list of names who have performed and lectured at the hallowed Magic Castle and you’ll only be impressed by the amount of mediocrity. Some people swear by The Aronson stack and others swear by Mnemonica.


What is the best stacked deck to memorize : Miscellaneous – Page 2

The only thing I can’t figure out is how he manages to palm a card at all with that claw like stiff as a board grip. So in summary, I’d suggest setting up a Si Stebbins yokell and having a play with it.

I provided three examples, all of which you found some fault with. The second step is pretty similar for all stacks, and comes mostly with practice. Or to put it another way: Which leads us to the latest incarnation of it. Furthermore, most of the evidence you do have is specific to you, personally.

Sort your cards calmly and that’s it. And nagic reason I don’t know about those other stacks is because I know I won’t change. I hung around for a while then I got tired of watching Rudy repeats. A great deal has already been written haacker this topic; a little research on your own in this forum will save others from having to regurgitate their previous comments.

I’ll put that into a PM. Claiming that stacks like Aronson’s and Tamariz’s are “true” memorized stacks, while stacks like mine or Joyal’s are not is simply nonsense.

Even your attempts to reconcile with others cannot be made without you needing to satck in barbs and jabs. Is a video recording available for this lecture?

I regularly use some of those built in effects in my work. There probably is an English copy available these days though. Dec 12,